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The middle land - the excellence of the Misa and Nevola Valleys
The Golden Valley - light, art and histories, among Corinth
Mondavio and Pergola
Erasmo Stefano from Narni called il Gattamelata (docu-fiction)
The Counts of Marsciano (docu-fiction)
Tonino Guerra - bright journey of a lifetime
Bartolomeo d'Alviano (docu-fiction)
The Ttrinci of Foligno (docu-fiction)
Maria Goretti - a ray of light
100 Years of Solidarity and Development Cooperation
The Duchy of Spoleto (docu-fiction)
A Land Without Time - Marche Archeology
The Vitelli Family of of Città di Castello (docu-fiction)
The Varano of Camerino (docu-fiction)
Arcevia an atmosphere magical in the time
Pandolfi GROUP (Corporate - Institutional)
The 8+7 years of Tonino Guerra
The fireflies of Tonino Guerra
Braccio Fortebraccio da Montone (docu-fiction)
The Franciscan Footpath of peace Assisi - Gubbio - La Verna
The touristic center Salinello
A voyage along one life (mostra Tonino Guerra)
The journey magical of the water (CIIP Ascoli P.)
The olive oil production in the central Italy
Province of Ancona - the future projects
Seventeenth century uneasy
The hidden mosaics
Tourism Promotion Association Sarnano
The Gothic in the Marche
Malatestiane Lands (with Tonino Guerra)
Spot Montana Community High Valmarecchia
Forum Sempronii (Fossombrone)
Montefortino a museum in the mountains
A land to discover
Colors shapes emotions of the Piceno
A journey into the world in the memory Marche rural
Corinaldo charm in the time
Imperial Apulia - A Short Walk in the Land of Frederick II° (with T. Guerra)
The land of the big egg
Histories of the Sibyl and of a proud people
The pink walls of the city
Lands fertile city noble
CD-Rom Corinaldo the art and faith city
Marche of history
150 years to growing again
This land is my land
The Leopardi in the neoclassical period of the Marche region
The doors oh the silence - (with Tonino Guerra)
Letters from the Desert
Senigallia the sea the land
San Leo eagles nest
Arcevia fortress on the way
Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti Pio IX
Corinaldo ancient color of time
The places of silence (co-production Rai and Marche Region)
Where the eagles flying still
Hidden Treasures: Sentinum - Cities Walled
In the valley of the small sea (with Tonino Guerra)
The Sibillini, nature, man
The soul of the earth
When a country becomes a stage (DSE-Rai)
The earth tells: rocks and fossils of the Umbrian Apennines and Marche
Romanic architecture in the valley of Fiastrone
Loreto: window on the world (2 episodes for Rai TV)
Loreto :Faith, History, Art (home-video translated into 10 languages)
The sails and the Sibillini
The drug and the marche is actuality
Ancona and its riviera feature
Travel in the cooperation
Gaspare Spontini: his art, his land
Music in friendship
A golden master
A wine, a City
A hope for Auro
From the mouth to the source: the rivers tell (8 episodes for Rai TV)
Francesco nelle Marche (2 episodes for Rai TV); on the occasion of the VII
centenary of the birth of St. Francis of Assisi)
The chiaravalle abbey
The Fossombrone of fortress
The origins of fascism in the Marche Region
Corinaldo ancient color of time
Adrio Testaguzza
Emanuele Severi

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